Mission and Vision
Teaching Schedule
What is Hatha Yoga?


To learn, to grow, and to enable others to learn and grow through the practice of hatha yoga. To create a safe, stable, and fun environment that is challenging while nurturing to all. To inspire joy and compassion. To play.


I am a student of life and inspired by its study, be it in the nominal sense, biology, or the aesthetic sense, design. Fascinated by the body and mind, I seek to understand and utilize them to the best of my abilties. In addition to my Hatha Yoga teaching certification, I have pursued formal studies in biology and biomedical visualization and am currently studying nutrition. I came to yoga out of curiosity and with a desire to balance my study of martial arts, as I currently practice qi gong, tai chi, and arnis. I found a means with which to balance my entire life. This brings me joyfulness underserved by words. I am truly blessed to be able to share the benefits of asana with others.